Institute of Political Strategy and Applied Economics

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Institute of Political Strategy and Applied Economics offers a suite of benefits designed to empower its members, whether they are scholars, practitioners, policymakers, or students, in the fields of political strategy and applied economics. These benefits are crafted to provide access to cutting-edge research, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant community committed to making a meaningful impact in society. Here’s a detailed look at the key benefits of membership:

Access to Pioneering Research and Insights

• Exclusive Research Publications: Members receive access to a wealth of research materials, including journals, working papers, and reports that feature the latest findings and innovations in political strategy and applied economics.

• Data Resources: Availability of extensive databases and analytical tools, offering members the ability to conduct their own research or deepen their understanding of various subjects using big data and advanced analytics.

Professional Development and Networking

• Conferences and Workshops: Members are entitled to attend or participate in annual conferences, workshops, and seminars, which provide platforms for learning about the latest research developments, sharing knowledge, and networking with peers.

• Training Programs: Opportunities to enroll in training programs and courses that focus on innovative methodologies, such as the Behavioral Problem/Solution matrix and the Function-Behaviour-Structure framework, enhancing skills in research, analysis, and strategic planning.

• Mentorship and Collaboration: Access to a network of professionals and academics for mentorship opportunities, fostering collaboration on projects or research initiatives.

Policy Impact and Advocacy

• Policy Forums: Participation in policy forums and roundtable discussions that influence policy-making processes, offering members a voice in shaping policies related to political strategy, economics, and social equity.

• Advocacy Platforms: The ability to engage in advocacy efforts aimed at addressing social discrimination and promoting economic justice, leveraging the institute’s reputation and resources.

Technology and Innovation

• Tech-Enabled Tools: Access to technology-driven tools and platforms that incorporate big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to explore economic and political trends and strategies.

• Innovation Labs: Opportunities to participate in innovation labs or hackathons focused on solving societal challenges through creative and technological solutions.

Community and Support

• Global Network: Membership in a global community of individuals and organizations committed to advancing political strategy and applied economics, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices across borders.

• Career Opportunities: Exposure to career opportunities within the institute and among its partners, including academic positions, research projects, consultancy roles, and policy advocacy initiatives.

Tailored Content and Resources

• Customized Insights: Personalized updates and insights tailored to the member’s areas of interest, ensuring they stay informed about the latest trends and research findings relevant to their work or studies.

• Educational Material: Access to a library of educational resources, including webinars, online courses, and instructional videos that cover a range of topics from basic concepts to advanced methodologies in the field.

By joining the Institute of Political Strategy and Applied Economics, members not only enhance their own knowledge and skills but also contribute to a larger mission of fostering a more equitable and informed society through the application of innovative economic and political strategies.

Become a Member


    Support the Institute of Political Strategy and Applied Economics

    Our Institute thrives on the generosity and engagement of our supporters, who share our commitment to fostering equitable and effective political and economic strategies. Support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations is crucial to advancing our mission. By supporting the Institute, you contribute to a world where informed, innovative strategies lead to more inclusive and sustainable solutions for complex societal challenges. Here are several ways you can offer your support:

    Financial Contributions

    Donations: Make a one-time gift or establish a recurring donation to help fund our ongoing research, educational programs, and public engagement initiatives. Your financial support is vital to our capacity to explore new ideas and impact public policy positively.

    Endowments and Legacy Gifts: Consider creating an endowment or including the Institute in your estate planning. These gifts ensure long-term support for the Institute, helping to secure our future and sustain our work for generations to come.

    Volunteer Your Expertise

    Mentorship: Share your knowledge and experience by mentoring students or early-career researchers and practitioners. Your guidance can make a significant difference in their professional development and in advancing the fields of political strategy and applied economics.

    Event Participation: Volunteer to speak at our workshops, seminars, and conferences. Your insights as a panelist or presenter can enrich our events and inspire our community.

    Collaborate on Research and Projects

    Research Partnerships: If you represent an organization, consider partnering with us on research projects. Collaborative efforts can amplify the impact of our work and lead to innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

    • Technology and Data Sharing: Support our research by sharing data sets or technology tools that can enhance our analytical capabilities. Your contribution can significantly advance our understanding of complex issues.

    Corporate and Organizational Support

    Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsor our conferences, workshops, or research initiatives. Your organization can gain visibility as a leader committed to addressing critical political and economic challenges while supporting vital research and dialogue.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partnerships: Align your CSR objectives with our mission. By partnering with us, you can contribute to sustainable development goals and demonstrate your commitment to social and economic equity.

    Advocacy and Awareness

    Advocate for Change: Use your voice to support policies and initiatives that align with the mission of the Institute. Advocacy can be a powerful tool in creating the social and political will necessary for change.

    Spread the Word: Help raise awareness about the Institute’s work by sharing our research findings, events, and initiatives within your network. Engaging with our content on social media and other platforms can expand our reach and impact.

    Join Us in Making a Difference

    Your support, in any form, is invaluable to us. Together, we can drive forward the pursuit of innovative, evidence-based strategies that address some of the most pressing political and economic challenges of our time. For more information on how you can support the Institute of Political Strategy and Applied Economics, please visit our website or contact our support team directly. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and commitment to our shared vision of a more equitable and informed world.